13 Dog Beds You’ll Love

Choosing the right dog bed can seem like a daunting task. There are so many different types available it’s hard to even know where to begin. I’ve asked many pet parents what kind of dog bed they use and have noticed a trend.

Home-made dog beds seemed to be the most popular choice along with sharing their guardians bed, or simply using a few old blankets. It seems Kuranda, Coolaroo, LL Bean and the Kirkland beds sold at Costco were the top choices available for purchase.

When choosing a dog bed, there are many things to consider. You might want to ask yourself the following questions before making a purchase or beginning to make your own.

Is the bed comfortable for my dog?
Is the bed easy to clean?
Is it affordable?
How do I know my dog will like it?
How long will it last?
Is the bed safe for my dog?
What chemicals or materials were used to make the bed?
Does it match the decor of my home?
Will my dog eat it?

The LL Bean Premium Fleece-Top Dog Bed Set seems to be one of the leading choices for comfort. It’s very soft so don’t be surprised if your dog doesn’t want to get up. The cover zips off so it’s easy to clean and they really seem to last a long time for even-tempered dogs. It’s made of fleece, nylon and denim and comes in four different patterns. If your dog is prone to destructive behavior this is probably not the right choice. They cost between $59.00 and $109.00

Next on the list are dog beds by Kuranda. They are the only chew proof bed on the market which makes them very desirable for pet guardians. The slip covers and fleece pads are machine washable to make for an easy clean up. They also offer better support than pillow beds so they are ideal for elderly dogs and/or dogs with arthritis and hip problems. The Kuranda dog bed bed is raised off the floor. Heat rises so it will be warmer than a bed that sits on the floor. If your dog likes a warmer temperature this would be a good choice. There are several variations of the Kuranda dog bed including bunk beds, crated beds, and cots. The prices vary between $50.00 and $272.00

Coolaroo dog beds are similar to Kuranda dog beds. Coolaroos make no claims to be chew resistant but do however claim to be resistant to fleas, mites, mold, and mildew. Coolaroos have a five year UV degradation warranty and are made of breathable knitted fabric. They sell for around $27.00

I have heard so many people rave about the Kirkland dog beds available at Costco. They have a few different models available for around $20.00, and apparently they’re very comfortable, mildly attractive, and durable. People have complained they are frequently sold out. These beds are not shown on Costco.com and aren’t available at all of the Costco stores. They come in a few different sizes and styles and you really can’t beat the price. Some of these are filled with cedar so check with your Veterinarian to make sure you’re dog won’t have any allergic reactions.

Pit Bull in Costco Dog Bed

More and more people are making their own dog beds. It’s much more affordable and great for someone who like to make crafts. I asked around and this seemed to be a very easy way to make your own:

I made an “envelope” of heavy denim (about 32″x48″) and added snaps on the flap edge:

Then I cut 3 layers of memory foam to be about an inch smaller than the “envelope” on all sides.

I used trusty Duct tape when the pieces weren’t quite big enough.

I used craft adhesive to glue the layers together (somewhat).

I then stuffed this “sandwich” into a large, heavy-duty garbage bag so the foam won’t get dirty.

Next, I used Duct tape again to tape up all the extra “baggage”.

Then I used a straight pin to poke holes on all four edges about an inch or 2 apart (so it can “breathe”).

Then I slid the bed into the fabric envelope and snapped it up.

Voila! The new bed is well appreciated.

Then there are beds for the pampered pooch. If you can afford these, why not? I sure hope your pet likes them if you decide to shell out for one of these! I thought I’d add these just for fun. If anyone owns one of these let me know how your pet likes them.

This is the dog pod by Vurv Design Studio in Canada. Only $698.00

This is the Hello Kitty Crystal Dog House. It’s made out of 75,000 beads and only costs $31,660

The Pollar Dog Bed is made of made of Brazilian rosewood, inlaid with ivory and finished in traditional French polish. Only $10,285.00

Beep beep! It’s the Furcedes!!! It’s filled hypo-allergenic poly fill and covered in light black micro-velvet material. Just $249.00

Going camping? No problem. Buy your pooch her very own princess “pup” tent for only$149.00

This eggcentric dog bed is made out of recycled water bottles and other earth friendly materials. $45.00

Haven’t we had enough of Crocs for one lifetime? Lol. $100.00

If none of these tickle your fancy you can always share your own bed and it only costs a snuggle.











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  1. This is an amazing list of dog beds, I’ve never seen anything quite like it – and I’m a vet!

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